All books made with state of the art printing and premium materials. Full wrap-around padded covers with metallic paper are used to provide extraordinary quality yet a storybook experience.

We also provide the option of a beautifully printed presentation/protection box to keep your book safe from the elements to provide generations of enjoyment.


Each book is bespoke to you featuring your child/children, Santa and breathtaking artwork mixed poetic storytelling.

Here, your child becomes the lead character of the story. It is complete with artwork created from the event and is set to whimsical and meaningful poetry. Your book will tell the story of your child’s dream on the night before Christmas. In the dream, your child goes to the North Pole to visit Santa. During this visit the child experiences iconic Santa charm, while having fun and learning the true meaning of Christmas.

This spectacular, archival book will take your breath away and provide generations of family enjoyment. This beautiful storybook will capture the wonder of your child at Christmas, while preserving his or her beautiful innocence and imagination in poetic and artistic form.


Each page of your child's bespoke storybook features magical artwork created from your photography session by internationally licensed artist Larry Hersberger. With art clients that span the globe, Larry looks forward to creating for you.


Larry Hersberger is an master photographer, internationally licensed renaissance artist and writer of countless children's storybooks. Larry is the originator of the magical Santa photographic art style.




Christmas Wall Art holds a special place in our hearts. We know the importance of a professionally framed, lit and placed piece of artwork within a home. Framed Christmas art featuring your child and Santa Claus portrayed in an iconic, wonder-of-a-child moment, will become the centerpiece in your home. Each piece is archival in it's creation and meant to last for generations. We take the creation of art very seriously and understand it's importance in society. We recommend one of four gallery grade fine art options.


This archival line of art presentation is printed on gallery grade canvas for generational longevity.

Although traditional in nature, art printed on canvas may also be finished with frames that provide traditional to contemporary ambiance. We will always create your canvas piece to match your personal style allowing it to bring joy to your specific home environment.


Printing on metal provides a baked, high gloss finish that is unparalleled for print longevity. If you love the sparkle and vibrancy of Christmas this option is for you. You will see the deep saturation of colors and the magic of the piece will jump of artwork and into your imagination.

Although more contemporary in it's presentation, it may be framed to match any style from contemporary to traditional. We will help you make the perfect frame selection to fit your style.


Our Giclée artwork steps into the realm of archival painted artwork and is our Signature Product. Each piece is uniquely created then printed on Fine Art Gallery Canvas. It is then hand painted to provide richness and texture to the final piece.

Protection from the elements is provided when each piece is hand varnished. Your Giclée artwork can then be framed to grace any style, home or location.


This is our Master Product Line. There is nothing quite like an original, signed oil painting. From images captured during your session, we will create a breathtaking, fully archival oil painting. We use only the finest professional grade Holbein artists oils to provide rich and vibrant color and texture.

The caliber of all product used in the creation of your oil painting provide maximum color fast, longevity and quality retention.

Each, hand-painted, oil painting is unique and, once complete, will become part of art history. Your commissioned artwork will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, provenance, frame and plaque.

Although dry to touch, oil paintings take time to fully cure. We recommend waiting from 6 to 10 months prior to the application of the final UV, gallery grade, varnish coating. You may choose that we arrange for the piece to be framed and hang gracefully in your home while producing it's final cure. After sufficient time has passed, we will arrange to have your artwork brought back to our studio for the final varnish.

Now complete, your oil painting will have a lifespan of hundreds of years. If you want the very highest quality and to leave a legacy statement, a Master Oil Painting is for you.

For more details about Bespoke Oil Paintings please visit:


Our Christmas cards are simply put...breathtaking. Cards are 5"x7" folded and printed on luxurious linen paper. You can choose one image for the outside and one for the inside. Each card features our beautiful Christmas card verse plus a custom message of your choice.

All cards come with envelopes and must be a minimum order of 50 cards. This is not a card that you can purchase in stores and one sure to touch the hearts of those who receive it this Christmas.




There is no greater Christmas gift than products featuring artwork of your children and Santa in an iconic North Pole moments. From paper prints to Christmas ornaments or Metal Desk Art with easel, you will complete much of your Christmas shopping well in advance.

Of course there is no greater gift than a copy of your book or beautiful canvas wall art for a family member.

The gift of your family in art is like non other. This year, give a gift that has purpose and meaning.