Magical Fine Art Santa Storytelling by Internationally Licensed Artist
Larry Hersberger, the designer, and originator of Magical Santa Photography. 
Imagine your children featured in world-class nostalgic Christmas artwork with Santa Claus.
These Fine Art Magical Santa Sessions produce Christmas Artwork and Magical Children's Storybooks second to none.

Shelby Sikes Ijames 

"We had the MOST WONDERFUL time being a part of this Santa experience. The wonder you see in the eyes of my girls is truly genuine. It is a result of Larry’s thoughtful, strategic, artistic, and passionate design of the whole event. Santa is amazing! Larry is amazing! This was an experience that we will always treasure and I’m beyond thankful for the gorgeous art that Larry created with my girls. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us Larry Hersberger! You have given us the gift of a lifetime." ❤️

Tracie Stewart Rowe

Words cannot accurately describe the wonder and awe of Larry’s artwork. When I received our very first portraits, I was speechless. I couldn’t believe how vibrant and alive they looked!  Somehow he captured my family in a timeless and classic, yet uniquely personal manner as he combed over every detail with brilliant intention. I have never seen anything like it. I have two portraits hanging in my kitchen for all to see, and everyone who walks in my house comments on them - they even step up close to see if they are “plugged in” and remark that they look like they are “turned on,” and add how incredible they are as their mouths gape. I can’t help but smile in utter agreement. It’s so much more than artwork.  By using his remarkable gift and uncanny knack for fusing photography and art with color and light, Larry transforms ordinary portraits into magical masterpieces that transcend time. My portraits are priceless heirlooms that will be adored and appreciated for decades to come. I can’t thank Larry enough for the gift of his work and for willingly using his talents to captivate even the most accomplished artists.  Tracie Stewart Rowe, High Point NC