Live Fine Art Santa Photography Workshop





Our meet and greet will be a wine and cheese held on the evening of February 4th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. This is s great opportunity to connect with the other students in the workshop and see some of the finished artwork created by Larry and Ela Hersberger.

This casual yet informative evening is always a favorite with our students. Many lifelong friendships and like-minded connections are made at our meet and greet. 

You will want to come early and stay late, as once we get into the first day of training, there will be little time to chat. It will be time to focus on art and art creation.


We will start Day One with a general discussion about the philosophy of creating Fine Art Santa artwork and how it relates to the photographic industry. We will talk about props, backgrounds, and Christmas set design. Composition and lighting.

You will witness live Santa training, including how to pose your Santa. And of course, a live Santa session with a child. Larry will demonstrate how to think in planes and understand the consistent composition. He will go over complete posing, lighting, and communication relating to a storytelling set environment. Larry will also discuss what it means to photograph in a flow-posing scenario for the collection of a group of images that tell a story for a book. There is more to this book than its cover. A power-packed day!


Day two is all about editing the artwork. You will learn how to create Fine Art products in your studio.

Larry will teach you his digital artwork technique. You will learn how to take an image from good to extraordinary while at the same time implementing “your” style. He will show you his workflow and post editing from structure to magic and beyond. Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and the Magic. What are we doing/creating and why! This is about showing you what Larry does and his view of “creation”, but the real message is about “you” developing your own style…. Bring on the magic! This also includes live tutorials on both Snowman and Fairy composites.  


Day Three is all about how to market, merchandise, and sell your art. Specific time will be devoted to "pricing" your Fine Art Photography.

This is the most important day of all as this will be applicable to everything you do all year long. Products, Merchandising, Branding, Marketing and Sales. These five headings will be covered in depth. Systems, systems, systems. He will also show you his product line – what to sell to make maximum profits and how to get sales over $6000. Larry do not just teach you how to create a beautiful image but he also teaches you the "business of Santa portraiture" which is crucial. He truly wants you to increase your bottom line and your lifestyle.


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Meet and greet Feb. 4th 6pm, Workshop Feb. 5-7th, 2023



Ted Linczak

Thankful to have notched the first 5 figure sale of the 2022 Santa season a few days ago. Hopefully the first of more to come! Lots of potential out there with the right pricing, marketing, and sales strategy.
Also thankful for the foundation we gained to create Santa program from Larry’s workshop back in 2018. Here we are 4 years later, within striking distance of 1 million in Santa sales since 2018! Hope you guys are having a stellar 2022 season so far!

Nick Kunzman

I had the pleasure of joining this past week’s workshop group in Vegas and all I can say is wow! I pride myself on attending all sorts of continuing education and I’m always pleased when I walk out the door. This was no different except not only was I pleased with what I took away, I was inspired. I was invigorated. Larry has this way of simplifying everything. This class was filled with ah-ha moments and numerous ways I could improve my business. Learning his art and  approach is one thing but walking away with a new understanding of business and relationship building was the real kicker here. I can not recommend this class enough. I’m so excited to see what the future holds and that’s a huge thanks to Larry Hersberger.

Lizz Pyatt

After about a week of indecision, I decided to take the plunge and get Larry's Workshop. It's been amazing and worth every dime. It filled in all the missing pieces to make our Santa sessions truly amazing and I know we will more than make up for what we spent. It was a stretch for us to come up with the money but it's been so worth it. If you haven't done so, consider it - it will  change the way you see your Santa sessions in ways you never imagined!!! I can't thank Larry Hersberger enough for making this available!

Marsha Lonchena

I have been doing Santa sessions for a couple of years now, and my clients love it. Then I was lucky enough to attend Larry's Pittsburgh Workshop last fall and picked up a few tips. I also signed up for the April Workshop. I realize I have so much more to learn to make my Santa sessions flow smoother and definitely sales  and marketing. SO EXCITED!

Melissa Mckinney

Trying out some of what I learned from Larry at his Magical Workshop. I like when I find direction it how to incorporate what someone teaches into my own work. If you have been on the fence you should give it a try! I have spent a lot of money over the years taking workshops that I didn’t learn much... my head was overflowing when I left Larry’s!

Rosemary Solecki

It was wonderful to meet you at your recent workshop Larry! Like I said, you restored my confidence in "photography workshops" again. I had not been to one in 10 years and honestly never imagined I'd attend another one. I'm really glad yours was the one I came too! I got 10 times more out of your workshop than others I spent way too much on in the past. I'm excited about being able to continue offering the kind of fine art portraiture I started out to do 10 years ago. Keep  sharing Larry .... God's kingdom is backwards (sort of) the more you give the more you gain in return. May you get back 100 times what you give / share with others....😊

Last week I was lucky enough to be at Santa's Magical Summit in Plymouth, MA. What an experience that was and one I won't ever forget. Larry is full of knowledge, experience and with that he is an open book. He answers any and all questions you have. He shows you step by step how he conducts the Santa Sessions from consultation to the final sale.
If you think now isn't a good time. There will never be a better time than now. It was the best decision I made for myself and  my business. If you are on the fence about going, there is something for everyone to learn from this. It covers every aspect of running a successful business and how to do these sessions to the very best quality, as they should be done.
For me, personally, this was more than a learning experience but an emotional and mental breakthrough. And I'm extremely grateful for that, and for the wonderful person that Larry is.
If I were any one of you, I would be contacting Larry to be at the Nashville workshop!!


Larry Hersberger

[email protected]